The Lookout is on the estuary side of the South Snowdon Wharf. Head for the Ffestiniog Railway and go past their car park on the left and enter the estate. Go right down to the end and number 41 The Lookout is on the left.


There is one designated car parking spot for The Lookout (41) bizarrely opposite number 39 where the green car is parked. The front door of The Lookout is the white house on the right.

The space can be used for a car or boat.

Big vehicles like campervans can be parked in the visitor car park.

In the summer visitor parking is scarce but there are public car parks in the town.

Public Car Park. Turn left out of the estate and take the first right after the Shell garage. You pass the B&M store on the right. The car park is straight ahead.

Thers is also a car park off Lombard Street on the other side of the harbour.

Main line railway station.  The car park is located at the other end of Porthmadog by the main line train station just past Tesco’s.

Public Car Parks within a short walk

Electric Vehicle charging

Tesco has two charging points.

This is a list of local charging points:  https://www.zap-map.com/locations/porthmadog-charging-points/

Tempting as it is to trail a cable from the bedroom window across the pavement this is not allowed by the owners of the freehold. If cable covers are used then this reduces the risk of trip accidents. However, at present we as house owners must ask you not to trail cables across the pavement. Then at least it’s just you that gets sued if someone injures themselves.

It is hoped that the estate will get some EV charging points in the near future.

Key safe

Pull down the cover and press the buttons with the code number. Turn the handle clockwise one complete turn and the front of the safe will open revealing the key. The key can be removed and the door closed. Pull down the clear button. The safe is now locked and the cover can be replaced.

The safest thing to do is to keep the key in the safe. However if you do mislay the key please call Alan on 07725 808103 and we’ll organise a replacement.

The key needs to be horizontal to put it into the lock and remove it which is odd I know.