Departure time is before 10.00 AM.

Please could you strip the bed before leaving and put towels in the shower tray.

Please make sure the doors and windows are locked and the key returned to the key safe. Open the cover. Enter the code and turn the bar clockwise. Replace the key, close the safe and push the ‘Clear’ button. The safe is now locked. Please replace the cover.

No need to change the heating as we do that remotely.

Rubbish and recycling needs to be taken to the bin store.


Your feedback on your stay

We are always wanting to know if there is anything that can be improved. Are there items that you missed? Did you manage to get everything to work properly? A quick note sent to or a text 07725 808103 will be enormously appreciated.

It’s always great to have a few lines about your stay so please spare a few minutes to put a note in the visitor book.

Most importantly, please respond to the request for a review that will come via an email from