Heating and appliances

We have installed the latest Climastar heaters with inhouse and remote monitoring which deliver heat at any time just by setting the temperature with the arrows on the thermostat. Make sure the hand icon is showing as in the picture. We have not set any programmed times to keep things simple.

There is no need to press the power button or the mode button. These have been disabled. Just control the temperature with the arrows.

Our heating costs are extraordinarily high because insulation wasn’t good when these properties were built in the 1960’s. Please turn down the heating if you are going out for long periods.  


The heater has a rock like plate which retains heat so expect that heat will still be emitted even after you turn the heater down.

If the heater is on and is pumping out heat and a window or door is opened it will sense the temperature change and turn itself off. When the door is closed the heater will sense the room temperature is stable and start to heat the room back to the temperature you have set.

We have found ignoring the temperature shown on the thermostat is best. If it feels cold just increase the temperature with the arrows until it feels right.


The instruction books are in the kitchen bottom drawer.


Donna our housekeeper will check that the salt is full. We supply some tabs to get you started.  Tip: Put tea spoons handle up to stop the handles going through the basket.

Washer Dryer

The washer/dryer is brand new but it is noisy so it’s best to put it on at night.


The instruction book is in the bottom drawer.

Hot water at the kitchen sink.

About ten litres of hot water are heated by an electric system. When this is exhausted just give it time to heat up another batch. This heater also serves the basin in the bathroom.

Electric shower

The temperature on the shower can rise or fall depending on the temperature of the mains water and pressure. Turn the dial by very small increments and then wait a few seconds for the temperature to settle. Test the temperature before going underneath.

The isolator switch for the shower is next to the bathroom light switches and should be left on.