Information and WiFi


The decking, clear plastic barriers and steps are all brand new. The clamp for the gate is very tight to discourage use. The gate clamp can be opened so there is a fire exit but the idea is not to use the stairs to get in and out of the property.

During windy weather please stack the chairs and table against the wall.

Wet clothes and boots

Anything that is muddy or wet and needs to dry out can be put in the store opposite the front door. There is a close horse under the stairs.

A big problem has been turning the temperature up high to dry clothes. This causes the moist air to promote mould. Please use the dryer in the kitchen.

We have included a watering can for cleaning dog paws.

We encourage people to stay with their dog but ask that the dog is kept off the beds and the sofa.

Problems in the house

Water. The stop valve is located under the bathroom sink.

Electricity.  The fuse box is over the front door.


On the ground floor windows can be opened fully by releasing a catch on the left hand side. On the first floor, escape is through the balcony sliding doors and turn the catches on the plastic gate to access the stairs.

There is a fire extinguisher under the sink and fire blanket in the right hand top kitchen cupboard.

Hints and tips

There is a set of steps in the porch to reach the top shelves.


FRITZ!Box 7530 XV

Password 2374 8692 0273 7884 0589

Marshal speaker in the kitchen has Bluetooth and Alexa. If you’re unfamiliar with Alexa it responds to your voice. You can ask it questions as long as you start each sentence with ‘Alexa’

Alexa What is the time?

Alexa What are the opening times at Portmeirion?

Alexa Play Classic FM?  N.B. You will need an account like Prime or Spotify to play music.

Alexa Turn the volume up

And most importantly

Alexa  Stop.

Bluetooth pairing