Please do – Please don’t

Rubbish and recycling

There is a basket in the cupboard by the oven for recycling.

Please take the recycling and rubbish to the bin store In the middle of the estate.

Noise. These houses were built in the late 1960’s when walls were thinner so expect a little noise from the adjoining house. Please keep the TV and music player down.

Breakages. If it is something like a glass please leave a note. If it is something that needs fixing please call Alan on 07725 808103

Balcony doors. Please lock the doors when you leave.

Smoking is not allowed in the house.

Extra visitors. The house is set up for two people. However, there is a second bedroom with a day bed for a child or visitor. There is no cot or high chair. If you want more than two people to stay please contact bookings on 01237 426781 or go to